about crossland karate!

Crossland Karate, Inc., was formed as a 501(c)3 community outreach organization focusing on providing martial art training to children and adults. The founder of Crossland Karate, Master Percy A. Brown - Ph. D. is a Certified Master Black-Belt Martial Art Instructor and Senor Examiner who has extensive experience working within the public schools and community. Crossland Karate, Inc. was founded to formalize the martial art training and community outreach services that is presently offered.

Our program was formed to serve the needs of the community, specifically addressing youth who are struggling with self-esteem, disciplinary problems and a sense of accomplishment. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Brown has worked with students to build their self-esteem, bring total awareness to the student's role within the classroom, at home, with
peers and in the community. CKI's program does not end when class is over at the end of the day. The students are responsible for their homework, their grades, their interaction with their parents, interaction with their siblings, peers and their conduct in school and the community. Our staff work closely with the parents and teachers to ensure that the student is accountable for all aspects of their day-to-day life.


our mission

To establish Crossland Karate Inc. as a world class karate school, measured by providing reliable, high quality martial arts training, physical fitness, nutritional education and vocational training at affordable competitive prices for children and adults of all ages; focusing on building the mind, body and spirit; benefiting the public good and assuming major responsibility for the economic, social and cultural vitality, health and well-being of the community. Our goal is help kids, teens and their parents develop a healthier lifestyle and to become physically active.

our vision

Crossland Karate inc. aspires to be a leader recognized for innovation and quality in teaching and learning while providing community outreach programs focusing on prevention and intervention for troubled, misdirected youth and unskilled adults and “green” initiatives. Crossland Karate, We should always consider the impact of their actions on future generations in all decisions. We should lead our lives in a manner that allows future generations to live a life of better quality. We should strive to inform the public of world events, the results of current policies, and act to implement new policies emphasizing our vision. We will work to promote thinking about alternative raw materials and change systems of education to accept alternative measurements of industrial progress. We should strive to create new economic opportunities and end exploitation of disenfranchised groups. We should strive to create self-sufficient communities. We must empower students to bring the revolution of Green agenda to their campuses and communities by equipping them with the skills and resources necessary for effective organizing and action. Issues of economic and environmental justice should be in the forefront of planning for the future.

core values

Crossland Karate Inc. values the following as central to our success:

  • Student-Centered: We are committed to education, inquiry and service in order to meet students' changing needs. We foster lifelong learning, civic and social responsibility, leadership, and individual and career growth.

  • Learning-Centered: We nurture intellectual flexibility, knowledge and computer and internet skills by integrating teaching, research, assessment and learning to promote continuous improvement of our scholarly community.

  • Excellence: We pursue excellence within the community through opportunities for achievement in teaching, research, scholarship, creative activity and service.

  • Diversity: We embrace diversity in all of its dimensions realizing that mutual respect for individuality and the inclusion of all are vital for both personal and institutional success.

  • Combat Obesity is a program for overweight and obese children and teens. We also help youth who are not overweight yet, but have been gaining too much weight too quickly>

  • Service: We support and recognize service at all levels. We strive to contribute to the benefit of Crossland Karate, the state, the nation and the world.

  • Integrity: We hold high standards of character and integrity as the foundations upon which Crossland Karate is built.


  board of directors

  • Dr. Percy A. Brown - Chair and CEO
  • Mr. Dondi J. Burroughs - Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Deborah Wilson-Williams - Secretary
  • Randall C. Smith - Treasurer
  • Mr. Rudy Handspike - Board Member
  • Llsa Mendoza-Jackson - Board Member
  • Mr. Dean L. Muhammad - Board Member
  • Mr. Hugelester Philip - Board Member
  • Mr. Wallace Thompson - Board Member