IDEP Scholarship


To be determined “at risk” or for hardship consideration and qualify for acceptance into IDEP Scholarship Program children
(3 years to 18 years of age) or their parent(s) must satisfy at lease one or more of the following six categories.

    I. Individual Characteristics
  • A. Alienation
  • B. Rebelliousness
  • C. Lack of bonding to society
  • D. Obesity

    II. Family Influences
  • E. Parental conflict
  • F. Child Abuse
  • G. Poor family management practices
  • H. Obesity in the family
    • I. Family history of problem behavior
    • 1. substance abuse
    • 2. criminality
    • 3. teen pregnancy
    • 4. school dropouts

    III. School Experience
  • A. Early academic failure
  • B. Lack of commitment to school
  • C. Dropping out of school

    IV. Peer group influences
  • A. Friends who engage in problem behavior with minor criminality record
    • 1. alcohol
    • 2. drugs
    • 3. gangs
    • 4. violence

    V. Neighborhood and community factors
  • A. Economic Deprivation
  • B. High rates of alcohol
  • C. High rates of substance abuse
  • D. High rates of crime
  • E. Proliferation of handguns among children
  • F. Neighborhood disorganization

    VI. Medical factors related to at risk behavior
  • Describe medical issues relative to at risk behavior, i.e., (cancer, glaucoma. obesity, etc.)

It is requested that on the IDEP Scholarship application you not only identify the risk factor(s) but also mention the protective factor(s) your agency will provide as a counter measure. Example: “John satisfies risk category IV. A. 1. and 4. Friends who engage in problem behavior such as minor criminality and gangs. We will provide a positive peer group, encourage cooperation, respect and pro-social behavior and we eventually hope to inspire John to set and vigorously pursue positive goals in life”.




Scholarship Application

To download IDEP Scholarship Application please click here.

The application must be completed in its entirety. If there are any questions please give us a call 404.344.4366 or email us at