what is tang soo do?

The martial art, Tang Soo Do brings to the individual a feeling of mental and physical well-being. It develops the body physically and mentally and creates a good sense of balance. It teaches nutrition, strength and discipline. The program focuses on leadership, self-esteem, discipline, responsibility, accountability, creativity and physical and mental fitness. It covers the general requirements as set forth by numerous martial arts associations, their standards for physical fitness and the established martial arts curriculum, standardized testing and evaluation procedures as required for beginners to advanced students beginning at age four (4) to adult to advanced Black Belts.


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The Martial Arts can be a wonderful tool for helping kids with ADHD stay focused.

Walk into our martial art studios and see if you can pick out the kids with ADHD.1f they have been coming to class for a while, chances are you can't. As the training continues, week-by-week, the behavior gradually changes for the better. There is less running around, and the child's mental focus, listening skills, and motor coordination all improve.


Many times the parents bring the children to martial art class as a last resort. They may have been recommended by a medical professional or another parent of an ADHD child. Usually they have tried numerous other activities that just didn't garner the results they wanted or expected.

ADHD is a neurobiological disability that interferes with an individual's ability to sustain attention and to control impulsive behavior.


ADHD affects up to five percent of American children, ages five to eighteen. These kids need help learning to stay focused. Martial art (Tang Soo Do) training is a wonderful tool for doing just that.. According to Dr. Edward Hallowell of Harvard University, a child psychiatrist specializing in learning problems, "Martial arts training offers mental discipline and physical exercise. It provides kids with an ideal opportunity to master self-control." Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art, not a sport but a highly structured activity. A sport in which kids just run around and let off steam is not going to help a child with ADHD, particularly if the child is hyperactive. A child may get "revved up" and never "rev down"


Therefore, a structured activity such as Tang Soo Do is ideal for children with ADHD. Kids do love the martial arts. They watch Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat, etc. and already pretend to be the characters. We have a vehicle that will allow us to work with them. They want to do this! The mental discipline learned at martial arts can have lasting effects outside the studio. We constantly reinforce proper, respectful behavior at home and at school. If children can stand still and listen to the instructor, then they can listen to their academic teacher. Much of an ADHD child's success at school rests with their teacher. He or she must command respect while remaining sensitive to the child's needs. Children with ADHD many times have a lot of socialization problems. Look for teachers with a long history of dealing with children: special education experience, teaching credentials, and social science / behavioral science education.


Tang Soo Do martial art training is not a cure-all. It is a major factor that can assist a child with ADHD and other behavioral disorders, in overcoming these problems.