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There are numerous reasons why Crossland Karate needs to expand. the narrow-minded would say "It's all about the money." The progressive thinker would suggest technology and relate advancements. Those who are into physical fitness would suggest more room for physical fitness equipment and programs. We suggest all of the above and more.


We offer services to the community which include nutrition, health information, physical fitness programs, martial arts, computer training programs, mentoring and tutoring programs as well as after school programs. We are optimistic that we will succeed in all of our endeavors in providing quality and outstanding programs. After all was said and done, we did create and implemented a stateweid anti-obesity health fair. But, not only did we do the health fair, it has been endorsed by two state congressment, the governor, two mayors and several other leaders.


We have been approached by sponsors for the next years anti-obesity event and programming. We are very proud and honored to have trained so many black belts and promoted both children and adults well being and growth through the tutelage of Grand Master Brown. This is just a sampling of students whom we plan to provide the benefit of greate education and training to. As we progress, we have become more discipline and focused on what is best for each student.


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Dear member of the Crossland Karate, Inc. community,

Every day I am inspired by you—the millions of Americans involved with raising our children, working to provide decent housing, safe food, clean water, a vibrant arts and education community and a host of other good works. I am encouraged by your tireless can-do attitudes, and I am invigorated by the success your combined efforts have created for today and for our future generations.

As President of Crossland Karate for well over ten years, I've had the unique opportunity to work alongside talented individuals dedicated to advancing opportunities for all, enabling better decisions making and encouraging charitable giving and volunteering within this impressive sector. Central to our work has been providing most of our services and information at a reduced or no cost to our clientele, a vital part of our mission as a nonprofit organization.

As we embark on many exciting improvements to our programs and services next year, we need your help.

Please consider making a small donation to Crossland Karate, Inc. today in the amount of $20, $35, $50, or more. Help us revolutionize and enable others to make better and more confident decisions and empowering themselves and their communities to become more effective and efficient. PLEASE GIVE TODAY so we can continue building minds, body and spirit to make a powerful impact in the world. Your support is vital to our success.

Your support will help us continue to provide these services and to increase the breadth and depth of the information we offer. Thank you for considering making a gift to Crossland Karate, Inc.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated!

Humbly yours,

Crossland Karate, Inc.


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