Our Instructors

Labaron have over 30 years of experience in Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan Traditional Karate. He has trained and studied under Master Properos M. Ellis founder of the Panama Tang Soo Do Association, Grand Master T.M Kim President and founder of the Global Tang Soo Do Association, Grand Master Hugh Kelly of the American Tae Kwan Do Association and currently training and studying under Master Percy A. Brown of Crossland Karate, Inc.

LaBaron has traveled the karate tournament circuit in the Gulf Coast Area from 1976 through 1989which included Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana. He was recognized as one of the top 10 practitioners of Martial Arts throughout the Gulf Coast Area for technical form presentation and self defense technique.

LaBaron has and continues to work in the local communities to nurture kids and young adults. He encourages change in behaviors and attitudes. He has received numerous honors from local school, churches and recreation departments for services provided in helping to steer youth to a more positive and constructive life.


Johnathan Ramon Harper was born the second child of three to Theodore and Rosetta Harper on December 13, 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia. At an early age Johnathan displayed an interest in drama, singing, acting. and karate. All through-out his early childhood years, he was involved in many drama and acting performances such as singing in several different church choirs, acted in plays and even directed his own talent show while performing as a singer and dancer before he was 15 years old. Johnathan liked to dance and do karate moves he had seen on TV and it was obvious that he had a special talent for drama and anything associated with it. His passion for dancing lead him to become the lead dancer for M3 Dance Company.

At the age of 15, Johnathan met Master Percy Brown while playing basketball at a local YMCA. Master Brown invited him to the martial art class he was teaching at the YMCA. Johnathan immediately saw the connection between martial arts and dancing and became extremely interested in developing himself as a true martial artist as he saw it

as a way to positively better himself. He joined Master Brown's school in 2000 and never regretted it. At the age of 18, Johnathan had earned his 1st Dan Black Belt and had won numerous trophies and medals at tournaments and demonstrations he participated in and soon began to assist Master Brown as a assistant instructor of Tang Soo Do. At the age of 20 Johnathon had earned his 2nd Dan Black Belt under Master Brown. Johnathan is currently pursuing a comedy career to compliment his acting dancing and martial art skills and one day will be a well known personality.


Stafford, but better known as "Demonte "the oldest of two children began his Martial Art training in 1988 under the instructions of Sensei Malcom Ford where he earned his 1st Dan Black Belt. Demonte later began training with several independent martial art students from the world renown Gracie Jui Jitsu System for two years gaining the intermediate level. In 1998, under the leadership of Master Nate Robinson, he earned his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Late 1998 on moving to Charlotte, NC Demonte trained and became an Assistant Instructor in Tae Kwon Do and went on to earn his Second Dan Black Belt under Sah Bah Nim Flame Williamson in 2000. In 2002 he began training in Maui Thai Kickboxing under Sensei Rick White.

From 2002-2004 He trained under Sifu McFarland in the advanced levels of Eagle Claw, Tiger claw and Lai Tung Pai Wing Tsun Kung Fu. From 2000 up till the present he also trains in the art of Capoeira a Brazilian Martial Art under Sensei Walle Shabbazz. Demote has taught his own class at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, North

Carolina. While he is now living back in Atlanta, GA. his classes are still being taught by his students and those also taught by Sensei Walle. Demonte has won several point sparring competitions from 2002 until 2006. In 2004 he became the Light Weight Professional Point Karate Champion of North Carolina... Currently living in Atlanta, GA. Demonte serves as an Assistant Instructor at Crossland Karate under the leadership and training of Master P.A. Brown. Demonte serves as the Kickboxing Instructor at Crossland Karate. With over twenty years of Martial art experience under his belt, Demonte continues to be the "Best He Can Be".


Born the third child in a family of six children and raised by her parents in Savannah, GA. "Ms. Jackie" as she is fondly called family relocated to the Metro Atlanta area when she was in elementary school and where she took her first interest in self defense mostly due to the influence of her father who insisted that all women should know how to defend themselves no matter what. At the age of 16 she took an interest in martial arts but did not do anything about it. Upon graduating from high school she then moved to Miami, Florida to further her education at Miami-Dade Community College where she majored in Fashion Merchandising. Upon graduating from Miami-Dade she then attended Brenau University where she continued her education and majored in Business Administration and Tailoring and earned her bachelors degree.

Shortly there-after Ms. Jackie married and had two (2) beautiful daughters and that urge to learn self defense once again showed its face but again she did nothing about it. At the age of 42, with almost grown children and a divorcee, Ms. Jackie a proud

mother wanted to do something for herself. Shortly, Ms. Jackie met Percy A. Brown a Martial Arts Instructor who invited her to attended one of his classes. In doing so, she was impressed with what she saw and learned that day. Ms. Jackie enrolled in his karate school and began taking classes under Master Sue Ball and Mr. Brown where she soon excelled and moved up through the ranks to earn her 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 45. Jackie actively participates in tournaments, demonstrations and seminars where she has won many competitions, earning numerous trophies and medals in her illustrious career as a martial artist under the guidance and instructions of Master Brown.


Ms. Jackie was the Business Manager at Crossland Karate.. Since the inception of CKI school till now, herr commitment to "Being The Best Person I can Be" has not changed as she reach out to the communities to bring the joy, knowledge and benefits of what martial arts training can do for the mind, body and spirit in anyone who wants to grown mentally and physically regardless of age. Ms. Jackie favorite saying to those who tell her they are too old to do or learn martial arts is; "Tang Soo Do training is not about your age. It's about your attitude. Anyone can do it if they choose to" According to Ms. Jackie, Training in karate has helped her develop mentally by instilling confidence and self-esteem, physically with weight control and conditioning and knowing she can defend herself at anytime in most situations. Tang Soo Do is for anyone as age is not a factor.


Ms. Jackie, now the proud mother and grandmother of a boy has a brother-in-law who earned a Black belt in Tang Soo Do joins the Black Belt family and others as members of the illustrious BLACK BELT CLUB.